Monday, 15 June 2009

The dawn of Mac

Hooray - the glory days are now upon us. I have a shiny, rambunctious, friendly new macbook sitting before me. I'd like just to take a minute to thank its predecessor, the trusty HP Pavilion. You have served me well my friend, but now it's time to take your place in the laptop retirement care home facility.

It's just so shiny. It has a funky back lit keyboard, which besides being really helpful during late night facebook browsing, it's just so pretty!

Pretty Mac

So hello iMovie and goodbye summer, as from now on most daylight hours will be spent indoors at the helm of this baby.

Big thanks to Grain for telling me what I needed, and deciphering what the frogs legs they were going on about at the Apple shop.

Back to revision on a Sunday afternoon post purchase...

Smith: "Dyou wanna do another past paper? Go through an answer scheme or set up the Mac?"

Mac duex

Mac trois

In other news...

Me and the Symes went to L-don for summer ball dresses. Did we find one? Nope. Instead we came home complete with harmonicas and strawberries - well done us!