Saturday, 30 May 2009

Come Dine With Me: Let the fun commence AKA Hannah's evening

So last night we had our first of many Come Dine With Me parties.

I can't imagine anyone was more excited about it than me, but there were some strong contenders, and once lateness had been excused, high pitched shrieks had been exchanged - the fun really began!

Here's the menu


We started off with a cocktail called "Summer Rain" = marvellous! If I can remember, it had grapefruit, vodka, pineapple and .... (see Hannah for details) Anyway it was scrummy and the perfect refreshment for a hot summer's day :)


Then because we were all pretty ravenous, I didn't have chance to take a photo of the starter, which was "nibbles and dips" and was woffed down pretty sharpish. This was tasty and just what the doctor ordered to go with a few bevvys (Y)

Then we had our main (refer back to menu) of "Jamie Oliver's Tomato Macaroni Cheese, with fresh salad and granary bread". Now my heart sank a little when I read this. I don't really like macaroni cheese and was dreading having to force down some stodgy, cheesy concoction. Oh boy, how wrong I was. It was delish!

Tomato Maccaroni Cheese = yum!

It had yummy mozzarella on top, and was nice and crispy, yet light and fluffy inside! I asked for a "larger than normal" portion. And this wasn't just on account of my normal greediness, but just because it looked (and tasted) so darn fantastic!

Main Course

One guest said: "This puts Beryl to shame." Those that know, that is one high order!

Also I would like to add, that although I thought that the bread would bring the whole meal down, again how wrong was I? It was an absolutely necessary utensil to mop up the remaining, fragrant (Y) loveliness. And worked in perfect harmony with the salad! (ha! Toby Young eat your heart out!)

Then we had dessert: Chocolate and Vanilla fairy cakes with Vanilla ice cream


What Han failed to mention was that it would include assorted sweets :O which let's face it, is just a major, slap in the face, bloody big bonus! :)

One of my (many) guilty pleasures in this world is cake and ice cream, it's just not celebrated enough! So I was more than happy to scoff this one down, and sit back and enjoy the sugar induced merriment which ensued.

We all lolled, "o Amy"d and guffawed about Griffindor's (Amy Griffin) appropriate dinner party attire. Note: napkin

Griff's appropriate attire

And then we did what most mature 17 to 18 year old, dinner party guests do - ttteeeerrrrraaaaaaammmmmmmmppppppppppoooooooollllllleeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn (trampolining)

Fun fun fun (maybe even more so because of the cake and ice cream?)

Jump Rhian

Jump Kat

Jump Hat

Jump Han

Then we all came inside and discussed future child names! ha!

Bloody excellent evening and a great way to kick off Come Dine With Me 2009, which is set to be a summer long bonanza.

Hannah scored a very respectable 38/50 for the evening, and gives Hattie, the next contestant, a tough act to follow. I'll keep you posted along with some facebook-friendly chum photos.

Good day.

Friday, 29 May 2009

The Bloody Apprentice


Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Let's play Hockey

Really like this song at the moment and so thought I would share it with you fine people.

I highly recommend you go see them. We have. But don't spend more than £15.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Forgotten Anthology

Firstly, o woah there are actually people who read this blog. Big shout out to Kate, Tbarak and Cate - hahaha!

Secondly, with all the moving and stuff I came across a little book of poetry which I wrote in year 3. It's too strange/funny/obnoxious not to share with you all (Kate, Tbarak and Cate...)

Here goes...



Off to a flying start as you can see. Please pay particular attention to amount of stapling (sp?) going on at the top. I obviously thought that it needed to stand the test of time. One would imagine that the image on the left is a fountain - obv!, the thing in the middle is a book (obv) and thing on the right is a swirl. Possibly my eight year old signature?


Nothing too poncey here, just a lovely self portrait with excellent blusher!


This is where things start to go a bit weird. I'm talking in riddles, which I can't even do now, and to be honest I think it was "how many things can I get to rhyme with be?" Answer: 1. Not fantastically impressive Rhian.


Right well my favoUrite country is not France and who's this Lance chap? I could only possibly think it was an ex-Neighbours character, who's name rhymed with dance.


I like this one. It explains afterwards what the french toast I'm going on about, but does lose marks on poor spelling.


This is pure rubbish. Bad spelling. Naf words and a some what haunting picture at the bottom.

Well I'm glad I shared that with you.

In other news...

A friend of a friend is having a Come Dine With Me party. I think I should definitely have one. Those interested raise your hands ...... now. But seriously real people LET'S DO IT!

Ok bye.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

MEALS OF NOTE: Revision Fuel

Study leave is well and truly here. And in dark times like these, one needs the cheeriest of lunches to see them through.

MONDAY - 18.05.09

I had to'd and fro'd about going into school yesterday, and Beverley just couldn't handle the indecision of whether to make me a sandwich or not for school. (That's right aged 17, and mummy still makes me lunch - tragic!) So she just left me some bread and said "Oh just do what you want." So I did...

After a heavy morning of J Kyle, and rewatching The Unloved (excellent!)it was 11.30 and time for lunch already.

I found the bread Bev left me, and discovered that it was called a Kaiser roll - interesting! So of course this led to me singing the Cheifs entire back catalogue.

Kaiser Roll

Kaiser sandwich pt1

So what went into the sandwich?
Left over roast chicken from Sunday, Mojo sauce - which I brought back with me from Gran Can, Jalepenos and salad. Oh and a bit of cheese on top. I warmed the chicken and sauce in the microwave and then the cheese melted on top of that. And then popped a bit of salad on top.

I'm not lying when I say, I think that it was the best sandwich I have ever made. Please just take a moment to look at the photograph below to
a) identify the ingredients and
b) truly appreciate its beauty (<< bit much?!)

Kaiser Sandwich pt2

Just a simple glass of water was needed to accompany the meal. Leaving the entire sandwich score a whooping 9.5/10 (The last 0.5 was lost due to the fact that I got sauce all over my maths notes!)

Excellent lunch.

In other news...
I just set up Rayboi with a account. Bad move.
We will become friends.
He will then read my blog.
And all the gay things I say about the fam.
CONCLUSION: Never let your internet life and family life mix.

Serious action needs to be taken.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Wham. Bam. Eat some ham.

Another gem from the Leaver's Assembly.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The School: The trailer

Next project: Mockumentary of my sixth form as part of Class of 2009: The DVD

The School: The trailer from Rhian Smith on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

MEALS OF NOTE: Wagamama-mania


LOCATION: Wagamama's MK

This was mine and Kate's (my only friend it would seem!) first Wagamama experience. It had always smelled so tasty so we thought to hell with it, let's pay good money for some overly priced Japanese food.

We got seated by some "gal" called Danni, who had too many colours in her hair, and tried instantly to become our best friends.
"Hi guys, how are you doing today? Ok? Alright? Medium?"
At first I thought shhh Danni, but then realised it was nice that she made the effort.

So after deciphering the menu I choose chicken itame. And thus the vat of soup arrived.

Oh. My. Days. So much soup and coconut milk.


It was like a good 4 inches deep. I started off with chopsticks (score!) but then in the end, reverted back to cutlery. Also they gave me some crazy ladel thing, which I wasn't entirely on sure how to use. The whole eating event ended up being a messy affair, with chin wiping at frequent intervals. It was made all that bit worse by some hot boy sitting opposite me, looking increasingly disgusted at my noodle eating. Nightmare!

Once I was bored with the loborious noodle grabbing/slurping/clutching, I began to juje it up a bit with the fun little condiments they leave you. Red oil stuff - quite tasty. Chilli flakes - again quite tasty. Soy sauce - soy sauce.

By the end I was tired and full, and can now feel the coconut milky noodleness slooshing around in my stomach.

In fairness to Wagamama's everyone else's food look really tasty, and it really wasn't that expensive for the sheer amount of food you got. I would most probably go again.

Marks out of 10: 7/10
Drink: Water
NB: They had good thorough hand dryers in the loo.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Gay Cruise

Mum's birthday attracted them all from far and wide, including other halves. Does however look like a gay cruise.

Hangin' with the homo hommies