Monday, 29 June 2009

YouTube favzzzzz

Thought I would take a moment to share these with you...

This sums up my childhood.

Lolololol. Canny wait for the new album.

Big love for tashy on the sofa, giving the performance of his life.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Come Dine With Me - Hattie's Mexican Mayhem

Last night saw the return of our old friend, Come Dine With Me, and after a weekend of professional partying, I was more than happy for Hattie to host this one - a night of Mexican mayhem!

We had been asked to dress in colourful dresses, to reflect the Mexican theme and all. I read it as draw on a moustache with eyeliner and wear a poncho. It was not the weather to be wearing ponchos or moustaches, but nonetheless I sacrificed for my art. Han also turned up in Mexican regalia, by applying a sombrero.

Oh no my moustache came off...
Rhian Pablo and Hannah Estevez

We started with wine with ice.
Which was nice.
And I had thrice.
I didn't, but it did remedy the bleurgh feeling I had had all day. We then moved swiftly onto starters of nachos.

Tasty tasty


They really were. They had refried beans and everything.

NEXT. Fajitas. Yum yum bang a drum they were good. The chicken was all limey and zingey and such.


Then the piece de el resistance was the dessert. Hattie had made amazing sorbet, using our trusty friend, Jamie O's, recipe. It was what was needed apres fajita. I believe it was pineapple and grapefruit and served in the most delightful way.



Uhoh the next section was not pretty. I'd like to introduce you to my good friend Tequila...

Scoring blah blah. Well done Hattie blah blah. What? More tequila? Fill 'er up...

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Birthday Birthday

19.06.09 // @ Hoxton Sq. Bar and Kitchen, Shoreditch

Me and the Symes

Mikey and me

Me and Hels

Ben and me

Smiley smiley

Han and Hat

Monday, 15 June 2009

The dawn of Mac

Hooray - the glory days are now upon us. I have a shiny, rambunctious, friendly new macbook sitting before me. I'd like just to take a minute to thank its predecessor, the trusty HP Pavilion. You have served me well my friend, but now it's time to take your place in the laptop retirement care home facility.

It's just so shiny. It has a funky back lit keyboard, which besides being really helpful during late night facebook browsing, it's just so pretty!

Pretty Mac

So hello iMovie and goodbye summer, as from now on most daylight hours will be spent indoors at the helm of this baby.

Big thanks to Grain for telling me what I needed, and deciphering what the frogs legs they were going on about at the Apple shop.

Back to revision on a Sunday afternoon post purchase...

Smith: "Dyou wanna do another past paper? Go through an answer scheme or set up the Mac?"

Mac duex

Mac trois

In other news...

Me and the Symes went to L-don for summer ball dresses. Did we find one? Nope. Instead we came home complete with harmonicas and strawberries - well done us!


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Mol cat diaries

This is a little something I like to call "The Mol cat diaries: The life and times of Molly"

I bloody love my cat. You can tell her all your woes and she still sits there purring and smiling. And as I have too many photos of Mol, I have decided to dedicate this post to her*

*running low on blog ideas

Mol cat: The contortionist

Mol cat 1

How incredible is that? She was fast asleep. I always wish I knew what she was dreaming of. I asked Ray and he just said mice. I however like to think she's dreaming of Disneyland like the dog in that advert.

NB: I tried to find the advert, but failed. Found this highly enjoyable clip instead.

Mol cat: The inquisitive

Mol cat 2

Always poking her head round to see what's going on. A very cute attribute, but not in the morning. In she comes head butting me all over the shop -nightmare!

Mol cat: Role model

Mol cat 3
Doesn't she look well regal here?

Girl cats want be her. Boys cats want to share a glass of milk with her. She is one classy cat. She even teaches etiquette lessons at the nearby cattery.

Mol cat: Lover not a fighter

Mol cat 3

Narggggggggggggggggh. Isn't she cute?

Well that has sucessfully wasted another 45 minutes of suposed revision time. I hope I haven't freaked you out too much with my love for Mol. I promise I will post something half decent next time, once exams are over. Je deteste le temps d'examines!

Monday, 1 June 2009

5 reasons why I love Tbarak

Katy Syme watch out. There is a keen contender for the title "Number one fan of". And her name is Tbarak.

Seriously, I went into school today and got this:

Tbarak: said angrily RHIAN
Rhian: Yes Tbarak?
Tbarak: I need you to post blogs daily. You said you would and you haven't so...
Rhian: slightly scared ok Tbarak I shall strive to blog daily.

(Is blog a verb?)

So here I am striving. And to commemorate this I have decided to kick off with 5 reasons why I love Tbarak

1. She reads my blog :)

So do a few people and I am grateful. Makes me feel a lot less silly :)

2. Cracking make up and clothes
Seriously always impeccable. Particular fan of the liquid eyeliner, which is executed like a pro. And the clothes - marv! I'd say there's a cinching belt 3/5 days of the working week, which we all appreciate.

3. She is A.R.D
and this would be handy if we ever went out. Her sharp witty tongue could leave you hurting for days. And not just because she rinsed you, but because her quips are also hilarious. And you just know she could muller you if need be.

4. She got me through AS Chemistry
with an endless supply of Vaseline and copies of Heat. Together we beat those chemical mothers. There were others to thank for this also. Note: Jacci and Becca's SCI:BAR. We did have a laugh, mostly at a teacher with minimal side burns.

5. Her love for Ashfaq
It is undying. It's more of a married couple that hate each other as opposed to a brother sister thing, but still just as heartwarming - especially when she rinses him. Arrrr...

Well I hope you enjoyed that (especially you Tbarak!) and I will try to keep up my blog-a-day. Maybe a fun fact tomorrow or some pop music trivia - who knows!

Now stop reading this and get out into the b-e-a-utiful sunshine.