Monday, 1 June 2009

5 reasons why I love Tbarak

Katy Syme watch out. There is a keen contender for the title "Number one fan of". And her name is Tbarak.

Seriously, I went into school today and got this:

Tbarak: said angrily RHIAN
Rhian: Yes Tbarak?
Tbarak: I need you to post blogs daily. You said you would and you haven't so...
Rhian: slightly scared ok Tbarak I shall strive to blog daily.

(Is blog a verb?)

So here I am striving. And to commemorate this I have decided to kick off with 5 reasons why I love Tbarak

1. She reads my blog :)

So do a few people and I am grateful. Makes me feel a lot less silly :)

2. Cracking make up and clothes
Seriously always impeccable. Particular fan of the liquid eyeliner, which is executed like a pro. And the clothes - marv! I'd say there's a cinching belt 3/5 days of the working week, which we all appreciate.

3. She is A.R.D
and this would be handy if we ever went out. Her sharp witty tongue could leave you hurting for days. And not just because she rinsed you, but because her quips are also hilarious. And you just know she could muller you if need be.

4. She got me through AS Chemistry
with an endless supply of Vaseline and copies of Heat. Together we beat those chemical mothers. There were others to thank for this also. Note: Jacci and Becca's SCI:BAR. We did have a laugh, mostly at a teacher with minimal side burns.

5. Her love for Ashfaq
It is undying. It's more of a married couple that hate each other as opposed to a brother sister thing, but still just as heartwarming - especially when she rinses him. Arrrr...

Well I hope you enjoyed that (especially you Tbarak!) and I will try to keep up my blog-a-day. Maybe a fun fact tomorrow or some pop music trivia - who knows!

Now stop reading this and get out into the b-e-a-utiful sunshine.