Tuesday, 28 July 2009

DVD Cover

Ohh I love this design, but I can't imagine that the kids at school will go for it.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Kate's Come Dine With Me: A relaxed evening in the company of friends

Hey kids I'm back, with another tale from our Come Dine With Me adventure. We are really stuck into it now and are fully aware of the routine. Greet, drink, eat, reminisce about last night's antics - bliss. That almost rhymes! So here go...

This one started early on account of Kat's exciting up coming week at The Sun - good luck Kat! So we started on quite a civilised tone, taking our first round of drinks in the kitchen.

Don't we all look like we're having fun!

Then we moved onto the dining room, and were greeted by a lovely little menu with a greeting message at the top.

We all thought this was highly cute, and certainly won Kate extra points. And so in no time at all we met our starters: Scrumptious Stuffed Pepper Packages. Fun and yum!


It had tasty tasty cous cous in it, with little onions and peas and stuff. The pepper was gooooood and was nice and crunchy. And also I'd like to mention it was the perfect size, and left us fully prepared for the next installment.

For main we had Lovely Lemon Chicken with pasta. Oh boy this was good. Can't you tell from my face.
This is tasty
Chicken Pasta

And what's more, it was her own recipe. Can you hear something? I can, it's Kate racking up those extra points - well in Symes! Kathryn described the chicken as juicy AND succulent. Others didn't say anything as they were all enjoying it that much. We all thought, well ok that's it, it's all down here from now. N'no.

Enter you chocolatey little bitch.
Chocolate love

Oh my. It was a German recipe and had travelled many miles to satisfy our greedy little faces. It was just so good. Hannah even asked if she could take a slice home, which I think slightly ruined Kate's plan of a post dinner indulgence of the rest of the cake. What's more, it wasn't heavy AT ALL. And really did go well after our pasta.

After this course, there was a particularly disgusting picture taken of me, that looked like I had gained 10 pounds, so just to dispell those rumours, here I am looking rather beautiful.
Skinny love

Then, just to make the mellow and relaxed evening feel even more grown up we had after dinner mints. That's right actual full on mint crisps. Pure delight. It was such a lovely evening, and was made all that bit better by lolling about Friday night and weird weird Paul. Excellent.

Next is Kath and we already know what she's cooking on 12th August, so see you then. But for now, let's all bathe in the glory and merriment that was Kate's Come Dine With Me.