Monday, 22 June 2009

Come Dine With Me - Hattie's Mexican Mayhem

Last night saw the return of our old friend, Come Dine With Me, and after a weekend of professional partying, I was more than happy for Hattie to host this one - a night of Mexican mayhem!

We had been asked to dress in colourful dresses, to reflect the Mexican theme and all. I read it as draw on a moustache with eyeliner and wear a poncho. It was not the weather to be wearing ponchos or moustaches, but nonetheless I sacrificed for my art. Han also turned up in Mexican regalia, by applying a sombrero.

Oh no my moustache came off...
Rhian Pablo and Hannah Estevez

We started with wine with ice.
Which was nice.
And I had thrice.
I didn't, but it did remedy the bleurgh feeling I had had all day. We then moved swiftly onto starters of nachos.

Tasty tasty


They really were. They had refried beans and everything.

NEXT. Fajitas. Yum yum bang a drum they were good. The chicken was all limey and zingey and such.


Then the piece de el resistance was the dessert. Hattie had made amazing sorbet, using our trusty friend, Jamie O's, recipe. It was what was needed apres fajita. I believe it was pineapple and grapefruit and served in the most delightful way.



Uhoh the next section was not pretty. I'd like to introduce you to my good friend Tequila...

Scoring blah blah. Well done Hattie blah blah. What? More tequila? Fill 'er up...