Wednesday, 29 April 2009


As you can see, it's getting well under way.
Macbook fun

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Meals of note

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND.... only joking. Just to keep Kate Syme of Chapel Close happy, I have decided to continue this food based feature, rebranded as Meals of Note. So to get the ball rolling...


Location: The Smith kitchen
This day was apparently one of Beverley's "clean out the freezer" days. So we had paella, salmon with a parsley sauce, roasted vegetables and sweetcorn. Not Bev's best I won't lie to you. I'd give it an average 4/10. I think it was made worse by our now dysfunct tv in the kitchen, which, with all the moving and such, has water damage and has a band of purpleness through the middle. It did however give all the nurses dresses in Holby City a lovely purple-blue tie dye effect (Y).
Drink: H20
Summary: Meh


And so, summer ball preparation is upon us. Lots of fun to be had with Photoshop and various lipstick colours. Now, who doesn't love the pink?!
Copy of IMG_5548

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Lunch Diaries pt2

So after reading yesterday's post, I realised this idea is seriously dull. But nonetheless I shall persist!

No photos I'm afraid. Lunch today consisted of a Tuna Melt, salad and an old friend. Is that some sort of cocktail you ordered with lunch? I hear you ask! Why no! it was my old friend Jessica Addison, famously from Essex uni.
Food - average. Company - quite excellent.
Overall a sky high 9/10.

I have also realised that my lunches are quite poncey, and may need to ponce it down a little. Maybe just a simple ham sandwich for tomorrow?

There may well be no posting tomorrow. Once I've read this post over, I think I'll need to re-evaluate my life. Ha!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The Lunch Diaries

For those that know me too well, you'll know that I do like my holiday lunches. So I have decided to take note, and record each day's lunch. I am backtracking a bit, but tomorrow there may even be photographs! ha!

Mum buys these amazing little pastry cases with some form of ratatouille inside them. So I had one of those with a salad.
Dressing of choice: Mustard Mayo
Accompanying Drink: Lemon Squash
I must say it was quite tasty. A strong 7/10. Made all that bit better with a soundtrack of M83 and Rufus.

Very dissapointing. Now, I'm a fan of linguine. And tuna. But not together, as I was to find out. The tuna was like mushy and covered in Balsamic vinegar.
Drink: Water
Luckily I ate it all in one track of Buddy Guy, which seemed to remedy the mood a little. All in all quite poor. A shocking 2/10.

Stay tuned!