Tuesday, 5 May 2009

MEALS OF NOTE: Wagamama-mania


LOCATION: Wagamama's MK

This was mine and Kate's (my only friend it would seem!) first Wagamama experience. It had always smelled so tasty so we thought to hell with it, let's pay good money for some overly priced Japanese food.

We got seated by some "gal" called Danni, who had too many colours in her hair, and tried instantly to become our best friends.
"Hi guys, how are you doing today? Ok? Alright? Medium?"
At first I thought shhh Danni, but then realised it was nice that she made the effort.

So after deciphering the menu I choose chicken itame. And thus the vat of soup arrived.

Oh. My. Days. So much soup and coconut milk.


It was like a good 4 inches deep. I started off with chopsticks (score!) but then in the end, reverted back to cutlery. Also they gave me some crazy ladel thing, which I wasn't entirely on sure how to use. The whole eating event ended up being a messy affair, with chin wiping at frequent intervals. It was made all that bit worse by some hot boy sitting opposite me, looking increasingly disgusted at my noodle eating. Nightmare!

Once I was bored with the loborious noodle grabbing/slurping/clutching, I began to juje it up a bit with the fun little condiments they leave you. Red oil stuff - quite tasty. Chilli flakes - again quite tasty. Soy sauce - soy sauce.

By the end I was tired and full, and can now feel the coconut milky noodleness slooshing around in my stomach.

In fairness to Wagamama's everyone else's food look really tasty, and it really wasn't that expensive for the sheer amount of food you got. I would most probably go again.

Marks out of 10: 7/10
Drink: Water
NB: They had good thorough hand dryers in the loo.