Friday, 22 May 2009

Forgotten Anthology

Firstly, o woah there are actually people who read this blog. Big shout out to Kate, Tbarak and Cate - hahaha!

Secondly, with all the moving and stuff I came across a little book of poetry which I wrote in year 3. It's too strange/funny/obnoxious not to share with you all (Kate, Tbarak and Cate...)

Here goes...



Off to a flying start as you can see. Please pay particular attention to amount of stapling (sp?) going on at the top. I obviously thought that it needed to stand the test of time. One would imagine that the image on the left is a fountain - obv!, the thing in the middle is a book (obv) and thing on the right is a swirl. Possibly my eight year old signature?


Nothing too poncey here, just a lovely self portrait with excellent blusher!


This is where things start to go a bit weird. I'm talking in riddles, which I can't even do now, and to be honest I think it was "how many things can I get to rhyme with be?" Answer: 1. Not fantastically impressive Rhian.


Right well my favoUrite country is not France and who's this Lance chap? I could only possibly think it was an ex-Neighbours character, who's name rhymed with dance.


I like this one. It explains afterwards what the french toast I'm going on about, but does lose marks on poor spelling.


This is pure rubbish. Bad spelling. Naf words and a some what haunting picture at the bottom.

Well I'm glad I shared that with you.

In other news...

A friend of a friend is having a Come Dine With Me party. I think I should definitely have one. Those interested raise your hands ...... now. But seriously real people LET'S DO IT!

Ok bye.