Tuesday, 19 May 2009

MEALS OF NOTE: Revision Fuel

Study leave is well and truly here. And in dark times like these, one needs the cheeriest of lunches to see them through.

MONDAY - 18.05.09

I had to'd and fro'd about going into school yesterday, and Beverley just couldn't handle the indecision of whether to make me a sandwich or not for school. (That's right aged 17, and mummy still makes me lunch - tragic!) So she just left me some bread and said "Oh just do what you want." So I did...

After a heavy morning of J Kyle, and rewatching The Unloved (excellent!)it was 11.30 and time for lunch already.

I found the bread Bev left me, and discovered that it was called a Kaiser roll - interesting! So of course this led to me singing the Cheifs entire back catalogue.

Kaiser Roll

Kaiser sandwich pt1

So what went into the sandwich?
Left over roast chicken from Sunday, Mojo sauce - which I brought back with me from Gran Can, Jalepenos and salad. Oh and a bit of cheese on top. I warmed the chicken and sauce in the microwave and then the cheese melted on top of that. And then popped a bit of salad on top.

I'm not lying when I say, I think that it was the best sandwich I have ever made. Please just take a moment to look at the photograph below to
a) identify the ingredients and
b) truly appreciate its beauty (<< bit much?!)

Kaiser Sandwich pt2

Just a simple glass of water was needed to accompany the meal. Leaving the entire sandwich score a whooping 9.5/10 (The last 0.5 was lost due to the fact that I got sauce all over my maths notes!)

Excellent lunch.

In other news...
I just set up Rayboi with a Last.fm account. Bad move.
We will become friends.
He will then read my blog.
And all the gay things I say about the fam.
CONCLUSION: Never let your internet life and family life mix.

Serious action needs to be taken.