Sunday, 20 September 2009

Come Dine With Me Me

I refuse to write about my own night. Guest writers are welcome *I'm talking to you friends*


Starters: Bruschetta with various spreads and delights, all courtesy of Jamie O << Official sponsor of our Come Dine With Me 2009.


Main: Baked pasta with shit loads of basil. Can I just say I made the tomato sauce and it had to simmer for AN HOUR. That's a damn lot of simmering. Thanks again to Jamie.


There was also linguine with prawns, chilli, garlic and ginger. My own recipe.


There were also Meatballs, WHICH I made from scratch. But I shan't be showing you those as they were really rather turd like. But they tasted nice. I shan't be showing you the dessert either. All I can say is FAIL. (It was nasty nasty choclit mousse, but did provide a lot of lolzzz)


Then we danced to Thriller. Standard.


Shit I'm going to miss them all SOOOOOOOOO much,


And that was Come Dine With Me 2009. Currently listening to One Day Like This, and I'm feeling rather teary about the whole shananigan. This was by far the most productive, wholesome good fun we've ever had. I suggest you follow suit. Thank you Come Dine With Me 2009, and stay tuned for our winter warmer special; "COCKTAILS OF PREFERENCE: which one will get us most pissed?" Things change.