Tuesday, 8 September 2009

(500) Days of Summer ++ The Temper Trap

Yay we went to see (500) Days of Summer on Sunday? Yeah Sunday? After a long shopping day at Westfields and the cow of a woman behind the ticket kiosk*, made me pay for a full price ticket, I was less than in a mood to waste money on a crap film. But by gum was it good! I have absolutely no love for Zooey Deschanel. She was so fun and 'quaint' in Yes Man, but in this she makes me soo angry! He's rather attractive and mopey and lol. Everybody keeps going on about the split screen reality bit, and it is very good, and made me wanna cry at the end of the it. Ladies go see it. Boys maybs give it a miss, tis a chick flick. Unless you have a thing for Zoooooey. Which will be irreversibly squished forever and ever amen.

*Yes ok, maybe my NUS card had expired, but she could have been pleasant.

The soundtrack to the film was fan-dally-tastic and included such tracks by The Temper Trap, which leads me to my second item. All hail The Temper Trap. Cannot tell you how gutted I am they have sold out Heaven in London, but I may haul my ass up to Birmingham they are THAT good. They're kind of a mix between old U2, Snow Patrol, Take That, Phoenix, The Shins. Eek I'm running out of references. And the singing kind of reminds a bit of Mika, BUT don't let that put you off. Ha! Poor Mika. Anyways try for yourself.

And go see the film. Good day.