Friday, 28 August 2009

MEALS OF NOTE: Cream Tea O'Clock - Time for Tea

Is a cream tea a meal or snack? I say snack.

SNACKS OF NOTE: Cream Tea O'Clock - Time for Tea

Stuff your Boots meal deals*, we do lunch old skool. This was supposed to mine and Griff's weekly run. As you see, going strong on the summer fitness regime. But it rained. And we don't like to run in the rain.

LOCATION: Garden Centre
TIME: 12.24
NOTES: Superb

1. Wet whistle (Griff doesn't like tea)
1. Wet the whistle

2. Apply shit loads of cream. And butter by the looks of things.
2. Apply cream

3. Apply jam (preferably strawb flavaaaa)

4. Eat the thing. Go on Griff. Get stuck in.
4. EAT

Perfectly British.

* So so much love for meals deals. I didn't mean it. Really sorry.