Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Come Dine With Me: Come Dine With Griff

So here we are again friends. For those that pay attention you would have noticed that Kathryn Waldron was supposed to have her night on 12th August, but a little reschedule here and little facebook messaging there, and we have Griffindor's grand ol' evening of pleasant delights.

First, a bit of admin to begin. Our thoughts, best wishes and get well soons go to Han who isn't feeling so well and unfortunately could not make it last night. Get well soon Han! This feels like a full on WI meeting. Cool.

Rightyho on with proceedings.

This was our first Come Dine With Me in a month, so we had a little catching up to do. This was done in the kitchen. We then moved on into the dining room, where we had our own place settings, with wonderful little labels and menus. Just look at that cutlery sparkle.


Just before we begin, 1, 2, 3, everybody lol at Griff's appron. LOL.


So to start we had Butternut Squash Soup.


No I'm full on excited for Autumn. Call me crazy or whatever, but I love nothing more than a chilly October day, wearing hats and coats and scarves and argh! LOVE IT. So this soup got me fully into the mood for Autumn. For some reason we kept on mentioning on how it reminded us of a Chicken Korma?? If anyone else has had the same experience, please write in to share your thoughts. Anyways the soup was de-lish, and yeah cheers I finished mine.


And no I did not lick it clean you animals, there was tasty tasty Kaiser Rolls to do so. (Little reference to previous Kaiser Roll experience)

So next we had Stuffed Chicken Breast wrapped in Prosciutto Ham, New Potatoes and Green Beans. And shit me there was cheese in the middle. EXCELLENT.


It was really good. Guests were advised to remove the cocktail stick before eating, but I left mine in just to add a little danger to the meal. Exciting. So yeah it was scrummy, cue pretentious food talk. The ham and cheese really flavoured the meat beautifully, and the ham did exactly what it was supposed to and kept the chicken super moist. Ponce over.

Yeah cheers finished mine.

NB: Stick still remains.

Hahaha then we had some lols with name tags and such. Haha look at Kathryn, haha what a joker. Doesn't she look like she's really haha having a good time. Hahaha...


Now I was going to keep this to myself but I figured I'd share it with you. I swear to God that when Griff bought out the next course, I heard angels sing. Just kind of a choral arrrrrr, and when you see the next picture you'll know why.


Look at it glow. I present, or rather Griff presents, New Zealand Cheesecake. It was so regal looking. We all had a slice, measured by how many grapes we wanted, and was beautifully accompanied by whipped cream, which I think Hattie liked a little too much. It was a cheesecake of the Philadelphia variety and tasted goooooood. It was a New Zealand cheesecake on account of the added grapes FYI.

So yeah meal over.

Then Griff had a little surprise lined up for us. She bought us Bucks Fizz to celebrate our results last Thursday, in a right classy manner.


It was a lovely touch to finish a lovely evening. Keyword here lovely.


So next up is Kathryn on the 6th September, then I'm 13th September. Which reminds me to see if the farmer has my goat ready.

Good day!