Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Meals of note

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND.... only joking. Just to keep Kate Syme of Chapel Close happy, I have decided to continue this food based feature, rebranded as Meals of Note. So to get the ball rolling...


Location: The Smith kitchen
This day was apparently one of Beverley's "clean out the freezer" days. So we had paella, salmon with a parsley sauce, roasted vegetables and sweetcorn. Not Bev's best I won't lie to you. I'd give it an average 4/10. I think it was made worse by our now dysfunct tv in the kitchen, which, with all the moving and such, has water damage and has a band of purpleness through the middle. It did however give all the nurses dresses in Holby City a lovely purple-blue tie dye effect (Y).
Drink: H20
Summary: Meh