Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The Lunch Diaries

For those that know me too well, you'll know that I do like my holiday lunches. So I have decided to take note, and record each day's lunch. I am backtracking a bit, but tomorrow there may even be photographs! ha!

Mum buys these amazing little pastry cases with some form of ratatouille inside them. So I had one of those with a salad.
Dressing of choice: Mustard Mayo
Accompanying Drink: Lemon Squash
I must say it was quite tasty. A strong 7/10. Made all that bit better with a soundtrack of M83 and Rufus.

Very dissapointing. Now, I'm a fan of linguine. And tuna. But not together, as I was to find out. The tuna was like mushy and covered in Balsamic vinegar.
Drink: Water
Luckily I ate it all in one track of Buddy Guy, which seemed to remedy the mood a little. All in all quite poor. A shocking 2/10.

Stay tuned!