Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Pigeon Watch

Ok ok ok I'll write a blog. Calm down lads. << Could I sound anymore arrogant?!

Soz, been busy and all with meeting new friends, staying in touch with old ones and general life in the capital. And how wonderful it is too.

Did everybody see Life last night? Well you should have. It's your absolute British right to watch Sir Davey Attenbo.

Now I don't have no reptiles to show, BUT there was a larger than normal pigeon sitting outside my window not 10 minutes ago. So I grabbed my camera obscura and snappy snapped away.

Said pigeon.

Pigeonus extralargus, which of course is Latin for large pigeon.

In situ, complete with window frame.

The money shot.

Oh no, it flew away. (Please see pigeon in the top right hand corner)

Right must dash. Got some emails from the BBC wildlife department to reply to.
Au revoir